About us

The product range of Evonik covers a variety of products with specific application profiles which address almost all the needs of the tissue industry.

  • Highly substantive wet end softeners/debonders with high, medium and low debonding effect for premium to low sheet bulkiness with all qualities of feedstocks
  • Highly substantive softeners with low impact on tensile strength to achieve good machine runnability and excellent surface smoothness of the tissue
  • Substantive or non-substantive softeners for topical application on the sheet before the dryer combining moderate bulkiness with good surface softness of the tissue
  • Concentrates for converting softeners/lotions

Most of the products are food contact compliant (FDA and/or BfR) or INCI listed (cosmetic ingredients).

Soft, safe products and innovative solutions for a better world.

The Business Line Interface & Performance of Evonik Industries focusses on process aids and performance additives for pulp/paper and tissue/fluff pulp applications.

Our outstanding application and process  expertise is based on a broad technology platform of organic specialty surfactants and organomodified siloxanes. Our product range covers a variety of products with specific application profiles, which address almost all needs of the tissue and fluff pulp industry: softeners and debonders under the AROSURF®,  VARISOFT®, and REWOQUAT® trade names as well as softeners and pulp and paper defoamers under the TEGOPREN® trade name.

We focus our innovation on the comfort of tissue consumers.

Evonik has a broad knowledge about surface active products and the related industries.  On the following pages you will find information on the benefits of our products.