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The Business Line Interface & Performance of Evonik focusses on process aids and performance additives for pulp/paper and tissue/fluff pulp applications.

We offer highly efficient paper defoamers based on organomodified siloxanes and polyethers in concentrated and ready to use versions. Due to their high performance, the dosage levels are significantly reduced versus commodity products.

Our polyether siloxanes, siloxane waxes and reactive silolxanes are valuable boosters and formulation aids for pulp and paper defoamers.

We offer specialty nonionic emulsifiers as formulation aids for pulp defoamers and paper defoamers.

Antistatis agents are required to avoid static charge accumulation during fluff pulp manufacture. Our highly effective cationic antistatic agents can be applied by spraying from aqueous dilutions. We also recommend our antistatig agents for tissue manufacturing, especially to improve machine runnabilities.

Our fatty based cationic wet end debonders for fluff pulp allow for low energy consumption and reduced knot formation during hammermill defibration, while the water absorbency rate and capacity of the treated fluff pulp is maintained at a high level. We offer tailor-made fatty blends and quaternary blends for special applications.

Our topical softener range comprises organic based softeners an softener/debonders for topical applications, mainly for spray on felt before Yankee use. Siloxane and siloxane/organics based softeners, surface lubricants and lotions for converting. Formulation aids and active ingredients for lotions.

We offer a broad range of cationic wet end softener/debonders. Most of them are based on FDA and BfR compliant ingredients. Our product range comprises tailor-made formulations for virgin and recycled furnishes.

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Our outstanding application and process expertise is based on a broad technology platform of organic specialty surfactants and organomodified siloxanes. Our product range covers a variety of products with specific application profiles, which address almost all needs of the tissue and fluff pulp industry: softeners and debonders under the AROSURF®, VARISOFT®, and REWOQUAT® trade names as well as softeners and pulp and paper defoamers under the TEGOPREN® trade name.