Fluff pulp

Evonik Industries offers fluff pulp debonders which conform to FDA requirements for aqueous and fatty food contact (specifically under 21 CFR 176.170) as well as for dry food contact (21 CFR 176.180).

The products with the trade name AROSURF® are highly substantive to fibers and exhibit effective debonding (Mullen Burst) and Kamas energy (hammermill) reduction at low application dosage rates. They are easy to handle and readily dispersible in cold water.

Formulations with AROSURF® products provide the optimal balance between debonding and absorbency in fluff pulp. Additionally, it is VOC-free (measured by EPA Method 24) and non-corrosive to equipment. 

Fluff pulp is used in a variety of absorbent products, ranging from food wipes, diapers, adult incontinence products to feminine hygiene products. In these applications, fluff pulp is often used in combination with superabsorbent polymers (SAPs). The pulp absorbs fluids rapidly and distributes them uniformly throughout. Over time, the fluids are collected by the SAPs which renews the absorbency capacity of the fluff pulp for the next insult.

During the hammermill defibration of fluff pulp, there is a potential for frictional static built-up. Conveying of pulp in airlaid operations can also lead to static. Therefore, addition of antistatic agents to the pulp may be necessary.

Antistats must be substantive to the fiber and very efficient at low concentrations to offset the added chemical and processing expenses.

All of our antistatic agents are based on quaternary ammonium compounds. Many of these ammonium compounds are also highly alkoxylated which contributes to their overall antistatic efficiency and easy handling.