Our softener/debonders are introduced at several points in the wet end: headbox, stuff box or machine chest. They should be incorporated into the furnish at the point in the wet end which maximizes contact time with the fibers, thus allowing complete and uniform exhaustion of our substantive products.

Application on the tissue machine

Alternatively, our softeners and softeners/debonders may be applied on the tissue machine before the Yankee by spray on felt techniques.

For spray on felt application, the sprayable dilutions may easily be prepared on-line with a static mixer and applied to the wet sheet by currently used spray bars. The topical softener needs to be easily dispersible in water, so a longterm emulsion stability is not always necessarily required or desired. Since softeners and softener/debonders may also affect release properties on the dryer, they must be matched to the Yankee coating package to ensure that maximum benefits are archieved by both additives.

Application on converting

Evonik's concentrates recommended for converting may be diluted or further formulated to ready to use softeners/lotions. Due to the variety of specific requirements and application techniques like spray, kiss roll or rotor damping, we offer assistance for the development of customized solutions.

Tissue and toweling manufacturers add debonders to the furnish in the wet end to impart bulk softness through disruption of interfiber hydrogen bonds and to develop surface softness through the presence of the fatty alkyl groups contained within them. Previously, softening was primarily accomplished by mechanical methods, but the current trend for premium tissue includes a combination of mechanical and chemical processes.

Surface softness properties of recycled, poor quality, or low strength fibers are easily improved by topical applications of formulated emollients and softening agents. Often, topical softening is combined with wet end softening so as to generate a luxurious, premium tissue product. Since these softeners do not have to be highly substantive to be effective, their range includes oils, silicones, and natural fatty derivatives.