Press release
Tissue Additives
October 13, 2016

Evonik on MIAC 2016 – International Exhibition of Paper Industry

AROSURF® – brand in the tissue, pulp and paper industry for more than 50 years.

Evonik is approaching the tissue, pulp and paper industry since several decades and has earned a good reputation as a reliable partner for formulators and producers. Our main brands for this sector are AROSURF® and TEGOPREN®.

The TEGOPREN® product range includes defoamer boosters, which are based on organo-modified siloxane chemistry, for various applications in the production processes.
The AROSURF® brand comprises softeners and debonders for tissue and fluff pulp production which are either substantive or non-substantive.

Our highly substantive softeners allow to achieve good machine operation conditions, superior bulk softness and excellent surface smoothness of the tissue. Most of these AROSURF® products are food contact compliant.

Our non-substantive softeners for topical application on the sheet before the dryer combine moderate bulkiness with good surface softness of the tissue, like AROSURF® PA 858 which is formulated on traditional cosmetic raw materials.

AROSURF® PA 858 – new and eco-friendly softener

Latest product in our AROSURF® products range is AROSURF® PA 858. It offers excellent softness and does not harm tensile strength (non-debonding). Tissues and towels will have a unique, smooth feeling. The product is non-hazardous and can be applied as spray-on in the felt section of the tissue machine. It is recommended for all grades of wood like pine or eucalyptus (long and short fibers), also recycled fibers and blends. The product is quat-free, non-irritating and odor free. So when it comes to sustainability and environmentally friendly products it is not a surprise that tissue from one of our first client using AROSURF®PA 858 has been approved by Green Seal in the U.S.

For more information visit us at out stand 19b on the upper floor on MIAC 2016 in Lucca.